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What is the story we’re trying to tell? Who is it for, and why do they care? Simple to ask, but sometimes infinitely difficult to answer. At Panoramic we help distill down the real answers to these questions by always drawing back to our human experience. How can we develop stories that are emotionally engaging? Not just content that people will sit there and watch, but content that makes us lean forward in our seat and smash that share button when it’s over. This is what stands out in our constantly evolving digital world, and it all starts on the page.
The script has been written and storyboards developed. Now we bring the vision to life. With Panoramic’s large network of creatives and producing experience, we develop a production plan to fit any story and budget and assemble the right team to bring words to life. This includes assembling production crew, casting, location scouting and constant feedback 24/7 of what is going on. We believe that pre-production is the most critical step of any film project – if one tiny thing is off, it can throw off the entire creative. This is why we take an exacting approach to planning every production.
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Now comes the fun part – Action! There’s nothing like the feeling of bringing a creative idea to life on screen. Actors are prepped and keyed in, the perfect location is dressed and ready, lighting captures the mood perfectly, and the director calls ‘Action!’. As creatives, this is what we live for. Producing creative content is a business of course, but at Panoramic we know it’s more than that – it’s fun, and at the end of the day, we know it can mean creating something greater than ourselves. This is filmmaking.
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  • Producing
  • Need some help bringing your cinematic vision to life? With a huge network of talented creatives, we will assemble any size of crew to suit your individual needs and budget.
  • Directing
  • With dozens of directing credits across commercial, documentary and narrative projects, Panoramic has the production experience and creative perspective to bring your story to life.
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  • Screenwriting and Development
  • You know your audience and the best way to reach them, but getting the message across in a unique way can be challenging with so much content in the marketplace today. We can develop a slate of unique concepts to get your message to stand out amidst the noise.
  • Cinematography
  • Capturing the image is more than just pressing that little red button. Camera movement, lens choice, lighting and angles all need to be meticulously planned in order to effectively communicate the theme and mood of piece of film or video. Our mission is to make everything feel totally organic, yet cinematic.
  • Drone Imaging
  • Of course we fly drones! With 7+ years of experience in drone imaging and some of the most advanced drone technology on the market today, we’re taking cinematography to new heights.
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  • Portfolio
  • Despite being newly incorporated, the production experience behind the Panoramic brand is well-established. Browse through a selection of projects that Ryan has been a part of during his production career.
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